How do you DR?

Here is some food for thought… I would venture to say that most companies out there find Disaster Recovery as an important topic in today’s business continuity strategy.  I would also say that a lot of those companies have either implemented or are considering implementing the “Backup Location” disaster recovery scenario.  You know the one where you buy a lot of hardware, stick it in another location, replicate your data and pray it works when there is a real problem!  Now think about this instead, what if there were another way?  What if you never had to worry about disaster recovery again? 

With nearData’s cloud solutions ( we can customize a solution that works for your business no matter what size company you operate.  Using Active-Active data centers you could write your data and operate out of 2 data centers simultaneously.  That way if one location failed the other location is already working.  This would eliminate downtime and give your IT team the breathing room they need to correct the issue without impacting business.