Help What?  Help Desk…

You may have worked for or are currently working for a company that provides onsite Help Desk support.  What is your opinion of the service that you have gotten? Does it remind you of the DMV?  A lot of the people I talk to chuckle when I ask how their Help Desk experience is at their current company.  Did you know on average that first response to a Help Desk ticket takes approximately 24 hours and roughly 30% of Help Desk tickets go unresolved? 

Staffing and salary statistics

  • 36% of service desks plan to increase their staffing levels in 2018 (SDI).
  • Average salary for service desk analysts is $41,500 (SDI).
  • Average salary for service desk managers is $79,250 (SDI).
  • Average number of desktop technicians per 1,000 seats ranges from 5.4 in the healthcare industry to 21.9 in the financial services industry (MetricNet).

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Based on the statistics above, your company would pay $286,750 per year to support its staff leaving 30% of your requests unresolved. You could outsource at less than half that cost and resolve all of your requests, wouldn’t that make more sense? nearData provides Help Desk 24/7/365 (, to support your entire staff appropriately.