nearData aligns itself with only the highest quality vendors. Furthermore, recognizing that one size does not fit all, we only employ the right vendor for the right job. We might work with one vendor to implement L3L7 switching, and another for L2 routing, for example. We carefully choose trusted vendors based upon a combination of evaluation by leading resources such as Gartner, our own decades of hands-on experience, and an exhaustive screening and referral process. With our reputation as a managed service provider on the line, we leave no stone unturned.


Once we have selected a vendor to work with, we make a considerable investment in time and money in obtaining that vendor’s certifications. This is a continual process for us, since we are always renewing certifications in order to stay current with contemporary best practices. We then work closely with the vendor, collaborating and ensuring best practices throughout all stages of the IT lifecycle.

How You Benefit: Savings

Because of our strong, partner-level relationships, we are able to pass impressive savings along to our clients. 

Our Partners