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Service Desk

nearData’s Service Desk is designed to fit your business needs, whether it be 24/7/365 or only during business hours. We handle both incidents and service


nearData’s IP-PBX and VoIPBX solutions enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to enjoy the benefits of having world-class phone systems – at affordable prices.

Data Center Services

nearData has what it takes to design the right data center solution for your business’ needs. We design our data centers to ensure the highest

Virtualization Services

What if your business could do more, with less? This is the promise of virtualization. Virtualization can help you realize significant benefits, but its complexity

How do you DR?

Here is some food for thought… I would venture to say that most companies out there find Disaster Recovery as an important topic in today’s

Help What? Help Desk…

You may have worked for or are currently working for a company that provides onsite Help Desk support. What is your opinion of the service