Mange It Services


Dedicated, Scalable Hosting for your scalable WordPress Site

Hosting your WordPress site at nearData gives you the speed and options to grow your WordPress site at a fast pace.

Dedicated Servers are designed for users that want the full control of their WordPress environment providing them with full system root access.

Launch your scalable WordPress environment for as low as $95/mo.

Take advantage of the benefits of Dedicated Cloud Servers and WordPress:

  • Fast implementation services
  • Add and expand as you grow
  • Root Access

Top Features

  • Dedicated and Secure: We configure your WordPress deployment based on years of hosting expertise. You get the fast load times without having to dive into PHP parameters, htaccess  etc.
  • Cloud Based: Our WordPress hosting is cloud based, and designed to isolate the public cess·pool crowd.
  • Scalability: We monitor you dedicated cloud server and provide you with additional resources as needed.
  • Full Access: Since the environment is dedicated, we provide you with full access to the cloud server. Configure your settings as you see fit or engage our team as needed.